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No Appointment Necessary for Daycare. Open 7 Days a Week.

No Appointment Necessary for Daycare.
Open 7 Days a Week.

M-F 7a-7p; Sat. 8a-7p

Monday - Friday 7a-7p; Saturday 8a-7p

Sun. & Holidays
8a-9p, 1p-2p, 6p-7p

Sunday's & Holidays 8a-9p, 1p-2p, 6p-7p

Grooming Services

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"Our 8 year old German Shepherd mix had never been to a groomer before, so I wasn't sure how she would react. Nicole and Annette assured me that Tika would be in good hands. They did a fabulous job with Tika and the pricing was very reasonable as well. Very pleased with the service. Thanks!!"

Unleashed Reviews

"They also did a great job grooming him. He still smells super clean and soft two weeks after his bath. His nails were trimmed really well and came home with a cute little scarf."

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Grooming Services

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Our groomer can answer your questions and pamper your pet with quality grooming treatments including baths, nail clippings, pedicures, brush-outs and much more.

Grooms average about an hour and a half and we schedule one pooch at a time so your dog gets our undivided attention. We are a cage free environment which lowers your dogs stress level greatly. Groomed dogs are kept separate from daycare dogs unless otherwise specified by owner.

Grooming is by appointment only. Please call us at (724) 939-3947 to schedule a groom.

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  • Full Grooms start at $45
  • Baths start at $25
  • Nail Trim $5
  • Schedule your groom after a day ofDaycareor weekend ofBoarding
  • We accept Credit Cards, Cash or Check (payable to "Paw Luvers")
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